Vioxx Class Action

The Claims Administrator has completed their initial review of the Primary Claims.  Several rounds of Decision Letters have already been issued to Claimants or their Representatives.  The Claims Administrator expects to resolve all questions raised by Lead Counsel and defense counsel with respect to Primary Claims by the end of May, after which Decision Letters on the remaining Primary Claims will be issued in June.

Derivative Claim eligibility requires the approval of the associated Primary Claim and will be determined once all Primary Claims have been resolved.


As per the terms of the Settlement Agreement, the calculation of Primary Claim and Derivative Claim entitlements can only be determined once all eligible claims are known.   The expected timing of this will be in the fourth quarter of 2015; however, there are many steps in this process and delays may occur in order to ensure the quality and integrity of the process.  We appreciate your ongoing patience as this process continues.



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